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PostSubject: RULES (MUST READ)   Tue Aug 19, 2008 5:45 pm

Must follow or your user will be locked

1.) Be overall nice to eachother in this forum, no threats or hate messages or anything. (No flaming!)

2.) No stealing any body's ideas on their upcoming games/movies!

3.) NO POSTING SPAM!! (That includes links to sites with obnoxious flashing images, or posting a topic with no significance to anything whatsoever, etc.)

4.) No malicious hidden links or anything of the sort.

5.) No posts with innapropriate material. (Anything that can't be said or seen on basic cable can't be said or seen here!)


7.) No impersonating other members, especially me!

8.) No posting another member's personal information such as name, address. etc. You can post yours if you REALLY want to but it's your responsibility.

9.) Please DO NOT make any references to anything that has to do with file-sharing, bootlegging, or anything else that could get this site closed down!

10.) No raising dead topics older than 14 days; unless the topic is a showcase or a topic I've made that hasn't been locked.

11.) No triple posting!

12.) No posting spoilers of any kind for a book, TV show, etc., without clearly indicating that the post is a spoiler. (Ex. type "SPOILER" in all caps)

14.). No signing up with multiple usernames (That means NO ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS!!!)

15.) I will not be held responsible for any third party links posted by anyone on these forums.

16.) Don't post topics that asking for or implying nomination of Moderator.

17.) Don't post topics complaining about other members and/or stating not to lock them

18.) If you don't like a topic.... DON'T POST IN IT!

19.) Don't put giant pictures in your sig or avatar, it shouldn't stretch your post box much more than it would if you didn't have any sig or avatar.

20.) Don't make organized topics for spamming other forums (or this one either)

21.) Don't post flashy animated pictures than can cause seizures

22.) Don't advertise to other members through PMs.

23.) Do not embed flash in your sig or anywhere else that does anything without user consent (play music, open window, etc)
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PostSubject: Re: RULES (MUST READ)   Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:43 pm

Hi to all!
This is Joannakaye!
Im new in this site!
Thanks for that info.
I hope I can have more friends here!
Keep on posting Guys!
And help the other to their question.
Good Luck!...

Wii Controllers
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